Attorney-consulting-with-retired-coupleMany people often put the topic of funerals off until it’s too late; this is a topic that is never easy to discuss. However, pre-planning of funeral services has become a mainstream part of all financial planning. Just as retirement planning, home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, wills and trusts have been a way to prepare for the future, prearranging funeral services is now a vital part of your life decisions; just ask your friends and family who have taken these steps.

If you are interested in beginning the pre-planning process, we’ve provided a simple, easy-to-use form to get your account started.

Pre-Planning Form

Please fill out as much information as you you’d like. If you prefer not to fill out the entire form, provide us minimally with your name and a way to contact you so we can set up further arrangements with you in person. Thank you for your interest in McHatton-Sadler Funeral Chapels.